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- by Riya Ipe

The term “New Normal” has been used during the financial crisis and the great recession of 2008 and has now cropped up with the Covid pandemic. What does ‘New Normal” mean?

Any unfamiliar situation evolves into a new normal when it is accepted and becomes standard. Disruptive innovations, as in the case of Netflix or Uber, lead to a new normal. In the context of business, the pandemic has dramatically redefined what normal is, changing the way companies operate.

The pandemic is a global crisis that has forced companies to redefine their strategies and restructure their…

- by Riya Ipe

Whether it is limited advancement opportunities, the need for flexibility, an unfulfilling role, or the threat of being laid off, most professionals find themselves at a career crossroads at some point. Being at the crossroads in your career can be very intimidating but also very exciting. It is a great opportunity to refresh your vision and work on building a rewarding career.

Are you contemplating a change but not sure what to do about it and where to begin? Follow these steps as you embark on the journey of exploration and discovery.

Evaluate yourself

Doing a detailed self-assessment…

- by Riya Ipe

What is the most challenging situation you’ve faced at work and how did you handle it? Tell me about a mistake that you made? What did you do? Describe a situation where you had to work on a team with someone you did not get along with. What happened? Interviewers ask these kinds of open-ended questions during a behavioral interview, an increasingly popular interview technique.

What is a behavioral interview?

Behavioral interviews are designed to evaluate the candidate’s personality traits, skills, and abilities based on the response to various work situations. …

- by Riya Ipe

For many of us, the new reality of working from home has presented a double-edged sword. For those who have done it before, the pandemic has added an increased amount of pressure.

With tons of distractions and less communication than when you’re working in the office, it is common to feel disconnected, frustrated, and isolated. Establishing an efficient and productive remote work setup requires focus, discipline, and commitment.

These tips will help you stay productive, maintain balance, and make working from home successful.

1. Maintain a Routine

Without the consistent routine and structure of working in an office, it is…

- by Riya Ipe

There’s no denying the significance of your skills during a job search. With the job market becoming more competitive and tech-driven, flaunting your skills is critical in getting the hiring manager and the applicant tracking system to notice your resume. When it comes to marketing yourself to potential employers, hard and soft skills matter. A combination of these skills is essential to succeed in today’s workplace.

So, what are these two sets of skills? How do you display these skills to make your candidacy stronger?

Defining the Terms

Hard skills are professional and functional skills associated with specific tasks…

- by Riya Ipe

Fast-paced environment, cool perks, flexibility — is that what a startup is all about? Is that the reason why fresh grads, as well as experienced professionals, are leaning towards a startup job?

According to Chase Hattie, CEO of QuickShouts,

Startup’s are the most progressive businesses around, they encourage creativity, individualism and are void of hierarchy. Those who work in startups are some of the most talented people in their respective fields, and they’re there because they want to build something of value. It’s not just a job for those who work at startups; it’s a mission…

- by Riya Ipe

Working for a startup can be chaotic and exciting at the same time as it comes with unique benefits and challenges. Startups offer learning opportunities, exposure to multiple aspects, and an experience you won’t encounter elsewhere. Entering the startup world can be a career-defining move. When it comes to landing a job at a startup, your real-world work experience is not always what counts the most.

What distinguishes the right talent for a startup from the rest?

Grit and Tenacity

Working in a startup comes with multiple responsibilities and varying challenges and obstacles. It takes determination to keep going…

- by Riya Ipe

Whether you are contemplating a transition from a corporate to a startup or want to kick-start your career with a startup, choosing the right startup can be exciting and intimidating at the same time.

Before taking the leap of faith, you have to be sure that a startup is the right environment for you. Joining a startup means prioritizing intangible rewards over monetary compensation. There is significant learning, opportunities to build a strong network, and an accelerated career trajectory in a startup. …

- by Riya Ipe

The world has gone digital. We hear a lot about digital technologies, digital data, digital media, and digital marketing. Adopting and adapting to digital is crucial for companies to stay competitive and relevant. Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise.

What is digital transformation? Why is it necessary for businesses?

Transformation is a permanent shift or realignment in business operations. This change happens at various levels and affects every function and aspect of the business. These transformations help organizations compete more effectively, become more efficient, or make a strategic pivot…

- by Riya Ipe

Interviewing can be quite daunting for any job seeker. It is a two-way street, with the interviewer trying to gauge if you’re a good fit and you’re trying to figure out if the company is right for you.

What makes interviewing for a startup different? While the basic rules remain the same, interviewers at a startup look for a lot more than skills and knowledge in candidates. The unique environment and challenges of a startup requires candidates with additional talents, transferable skills, interests, and unusual experiences that can take their business to the next level.


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