From a Crisis to The New Normal: How to Stay Relevant

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3 min readApr 29, 2021


- by Riya Ipe

The term “New Normal” has been used during the financial crisis and the great recession of 2008 and has now cropped up with the Covid pandemic. What does ‘New Normal” mean?

Any unfamiliar situation evolves into a new normal when it is accepted and becomes standard. Disruptive innovations, as in the case of Netflix or Uber, lead to a new normal. In the context of business, the pandemic has dramatically redefined what normal is, changing the way companies operate.

The pandemic is a global crisis that has forced companies to redefine their strategies and restructure their business models. The focus is on professionals who can identify opportunities, develop effective strategies, and exhibit the adaptability and responsiveness required for the new world order.

Let’s explore the skills and traits that are most valuable as organizations steer towards the New Normal.


The unprecedented challenges that businesses are facing as they navigate the complex and ambiguous environment call for resilience, perseverance, and innovation. A positive attitude, being open-minded, and the ability to deal with ambiguity are the most sought-after traits. Innovative solutions are necessary to deal with the emerging circumstances. A diverse set of functions and exposure to all facets of an organization add an advantage.

Visibility in the Workplace

Building one’s brand is a requisite in the corporate world. High visibility in the workplace not only helps with career advancement but is also a means to secure your career, especially during a crisis. Demonstrating your knowledge and maximizing your visibility enables the decision-makers to know who you are and your value in the organization.

Fluid Mentality

Employees who can go beyond their skills and experience and adapt to shifting priorities are considered a valuable asset in today’s work environment. Being flexible and responsive to accommodate the demands of the situation and the needs of the company has become a necessity. A fluid mindset also makes you versatile and resilient, key traits that are highly prized by businesses, especially when a crisis strikes.

Professionals who demonstrate these skills and traits are proving invaluable as their organizations steer through the crisis. The need of the hour is to stay relevant and gear up for new opportunities. The ability to transfer core skills into new domains, reskilling and upgrading competencies to add value to the organization will be the key to success.

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