The 5 Traits Startups Look For In Employees

- by Riya Ipe

Working for a startup can be chaotic and exciting at the same time as it comes with unique benefits and challenges. Startups offer learning opportunities, exposure to multiple aspects, and an experience you won’t encounter elsewhere. Entering the startup world can be a career-defining move. When it comes to landing a job at a startup, your real-world work experience is not always what counts the most.

What distinguishes the right talent for a startup from the rest?

Grit and Tenacity

Working in a startup comes with multiple responsibilities and varying challenges and obstacles. It takes determination to keep going in the face of adversity and failures while sustaining passion for the work. People with grit and tenacity view failure as a means of learning and growth. The complex and ambiguous environment demands resilience and perseverance to get things done.


Passion is the driving force of a startup. To make their vision a reality, it is necessary for every member to share the same passion and drive as the founders. Passion is what determines a person’s commitment and sustained performance. A ‘never say die attitude’, belief in the mission, and positive energy are needed to thrive in the fast-paced environment.


Startups generally do not have standard work hours, clearly defined structures, or established processes. Working in a startup involves a lot of multi-tasking and doing tasks unrelated to the job description. The constant changes in responsibilities and work demands call for flexibility and the ability to adapt. Being able to adjust to changes and perform at a peak with a positive attitude is very important.

Inquiring Mind

As startups change and grow at a fast pace, they need fast learners to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of the business. With every individual wearing multiple hats and with little time for training, an aptitude for learning is a necessity. Continually improving knowledge and skills is required to stay on top of the game. A curious inquiring mind always craves knowledge and new experiences, a quality that is crucial for startups.

Creativity and Innovation

Startups are always looking at generating new ideas and finding unconventional solutions to problems to drive the company forward. Team members are given the freedom to innovate, think out of the box, and take necessary calculated risks. Startups value individuals who are creative, resourceful, and self-driven in seeking solutions to important problems.

Every day at a startup is a new challenge. They need a team who are persistent, passionately invested in the vision, can embrace change and challenges, have a hunger for learning, take initiative and embody an innovative spirit.

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