The Fundamentals of Digital Transformation for Beginners

- by Riya Ipe

The world has gone digital. We hear a lot about digital technologies, digital data, digital media, and digital marketing. Adopting and adapting to digital is crucial for companies to stay competitive and relevant. Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise.

What is digital transformation? Why is it necessary for businesses?

Transformation is a permanent shift or realignment in business operations. This change happens at various levels and affects every function and aspect of the business. These transformations help organizations compete more effectively, become more efficient, or make a strategic pivot. Predominantly, transformation happens through disruptive technologies.

Technology that has an impact on the end consumer or the common man is digital. The four technologies under the digital umbrella are social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. Digital transformation is the integration of one or a combination of these digital technologies into all areas of a business, resulting in permanent changes to how they operate and how they deliver value to customers. With technology being inevitable in our everyday lives, we are all a part of this digital transformation through one of the four technology mediums. Digital transformation is a way of life.

Skills necessary for digital transformation

As businesses embark on their journey to digital transformation, it is crucially important to have people with the required skill sets who can effectively manage and operate it. It is necessary to combine business disciplines and technical knowhow to fully leverage and embrace digital transformation. The pace and the success of the transformation will only be as good as the team. It is more important than ever for professionals to be cross-disciplined and have both technology skills and soft skills to achieve transformation success.

Technology Savvy

With technology being the big disrupting force that is changing consumer focus, needs, and behaviors, being technologically savvy is the need of the hour. Professionals need to become highly conversant in technology and understand its impact on the business. They also need to integrate that knowledge into operational processes, consumer experiences, and ultimately growth.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement. People with this spirit are uniquely positioned to see new opportunities, take ownership and constantly seek change. They have an innovative approach to their thinking which inspires creative solutions, necessary for digital transformation.


Collaboration is an important part of digital transformation, the key to a creative and more productive workforce. Teamwork is essential for the company’s digital transformation strategies. It acts as a stimulus to move digital transformation efforts forward, while new digital processes bring about new ways of working together.

Business Analysis

As digital transformation is central to all organizations business analysis skills have become one of the key skills. Business acumen enables professionals to combine technology with a broad understanding of the market to design solutions that create new business value and growth. To help technology generate business value, it is important to understand business strategy.


Design is an important enabler of digital transformation as it helps organizations solve critical business problems. Creating an effective, dynamic user experience is critical to the success of the digital transformation program. UX Design clears the path for new technologies to land smoothly, at the right place and at the right time.

Digital Transformation — The way forward

Digital transformation is not new to the business world. Companies have been adopting advanced technologies and new business models to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing world. The COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for accelerated digital transformation and adoption of digitization and innovation. The disruption caused by this unprecedented crisis has reinforced the importance of digital to stay agile, increase resilience and to ensure business continuity.

Digital adoption has occupied the centre stage and grown by leaps and bounds in recent months. Telecommuting, online learning, digital classrooms, teleconferencing, online order and delivery services and contactless payment have become the new normal. With consumer behaviour and thought processes having changed significantly, digital transformation will have a pivotal role in the new world order. The pandemic has shown us the potential of disruptive technologies. Digital is now more essential than ever. Digitization and digitalization will be the way forward.

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